A Full Service Law Firm

Established in Toronto since 1957

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with downtown quality at suburban rates. Most people know what is and what is not good quality for their own service or supply. By quality service we mean the following:

Experience ("Breadth")

We are a full service law firm. When you bring a legal problem or matter to us, you will receive the benefit of significantly more experience than most law firms. When problems and issues arise, we do not hesitate to consult with each other to obtain different perspectives. At our firm you have the benefit of over 100 years of combined experience in the practice of law.

Research ("Depth")

Fleury, Comery has an exceptional law library for its size. We also have modern computer legal research facilities. For an issue that requires detailed research we have the capability to provide authoritative and detailed opinions. Also, as a firm, we are fully Internet enabled, with the access and skills to execute research worldwide.

Personal Service

We maintain a very high degree of personal lawyer-client contact. Our clients prefer this and we find it results in more effective service. Sometimes our clients will mention in casual conversation some very pertinent facts which could easily have been missed without the personal contact. Our firm deliberately does not have voice mail: when you call to speak to one of our lawyers who may be unavailable at the moment, you can be sure that the message is received at the next available opportunity.


Quality legal service involves taking a genuine interest in our clients and their best interests. We do not leave loose ends when we close a file. We worry about all aspects of our client's case. We see our clients as friends and neighbours.


We take the extra time and expense to make sure our clients are aware of the status of their matter and understand what we are doing or propose to do for them. This may involve extra personal meetings, and includes our policy of copying to our clients all important correspondence relating to their file.

Suburban Rates?

Lawyer fees are based on a number of factors, but the most important factors are the experience of the lawyer and time spent. The hourly rates for our partners ranges between $300 and $400. Our final bill will be adjusted based on the amount involved, the complexity of the proceeding, the importance of the issues and the result achieved. Comparable downtown rates considerably exceed these rates.

Client Satisfaction

A good test of quality in legal service is client satisfaction. By taking the extra steps we find that our clients regularly express their satisfaction with our service. Further, we receive a significant number of referrals from other local lawyers of difficult matters that they cannot accommodate in their office.