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Client Memos

We have the following client memoranda available at this time. Each of these memos is available for download in a printable PDF format (if you don’t have a PDF reader installed, you can click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free).

PLEASE NOTE: These memos are general information, not legal advice.  Please consult us or another lawyer for advice on any specific issue or case.

  1. Child Support Regime
  2. What is 'Quality' in Legal Service?
  3. Simplified Procedure
  4. Are Lawyers 'Deal-Killers?'
  5. There's Been a Death in the Family: What Do I Do?
  6. Your Small Claims Court Matter
  7. What is a Family Law Act Election?
  8. Examination for Discovery
  9. Offers to Settle
  10. Your Will
  11. Your Power of Attorney
  12. What is Creativity for Lawyers: - E.R. Fleury
  13. Are Lawyers Less Ethical Than Other People?
  14. Joint Ownership: Is It Good Estate Planning?
  15. A Second Marriage: Some Things to Consider
  16. How Much Does It Cost For a Simple Divorce?
  17. Estate Accounting
  18. Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case
  19. Should I Incorporate My Business?
  20. Deal in Danger: The House Sale Off The Rails
  21. Is Reconciliation Possible in Your Case?
  22. Stationer's Wills - A Recipe for Estate Litigation
  23. Issues Under the Child Support Guidelines
  24. Construction Liens: A Summary of the Procedure
  25. Construction Liens: Some Issues
  26. Steps and Costs in a Simple Construction Lien Matter
  27. Property Division on Marriage Breakdown
  28. The Difficult Client?
  29. Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, & Notarized Documents
  30. Some Typical Affidavits & Statutory Declarations
  31. Closing Matters - Residential House Purchase
  32. Closing Matters - Residential House Sale
  33. Closing Matters - Condominium Purchase
  34. Duties of Estate Trustee
  35. Can You - Will You - Be An Organ Donor?
  36. Common Issues in Estate Litigation
  37. Financial Productions in Matrimonial Cases
  38. The Ontario Estate Information Return
  39. Your Affidavit of Documents
  40. Closing Matters - Condominium Sale
  41. Estate Administration: Lawyer Duty or Trustee Duty?
  42. No More Custody

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